Have you been mis-sold, mis-led or forced into taking out
PPI on a Loan, Credit Card, Mortgage or Car Finance?

  • Were you told PPI was compulsory?
  • Were you self-employed, unemployed or retired at the time?
  • Did you have pre-existing medical conditions?
  • Was PPI added without you knowing?

If the answer to any of the above is YES then you may have a legal case for getting some of that
hard-earned cash back into your pocket! Call us now to see how much you could get...

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Mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance?

Have you got a loan, credit card or a mortgage?  If you have then you may have payment protection insurance.  In the UK millions of people who have loans, credit cards or mortgages have been mis-sold payment protection insurance.

So widespread is the problem that many of the big banks have now in fact stopped selling the insurance alongside their products.

Here at mis sold ppi we are experts in reclaiming any monies due to you because the payment protection insurance policy was mis-sold. You maybe entitle to a full refund of all your premiums , interest that you have paid on them plus 8% for every year the policy has been in place.

Originally payment protection insurance was set up to protect the consumer’s credit against accident, sickness and unemployment.  In many cases the process that should have been followed to ascertain if it was suitable were ignored.  This is commonly know as mis-selling.

Commissions on the policys were good and many bank staff had targets to hit. this in turn meant that policies were sold regardless of whether or not the customer needed them.

There are many instances which could lead to you payment protection policy being mis-sold:
  • The policy didnt cover the term of your finance
  • You werent asked about pre existing medical conditions
  • You werent made aware that the payment protection insurance was optional
  • Self employed people werent covered
  • Your quote was provided on a “fully protected” basis

In simple terms payment protection insurance was mis sold if you didnt need want or ask for it.

To find out if you qualify please contact us on 01925 661973 or complete the simple form and one of our experienced claims managers will contact you.

Please note we do not charge any upfront fees, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!
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